Bombardier SeaDoo 1993 factory shop manual, Page 248Get this manual

Bombardier SeaDoo 1993 factory shop manual, Page 248

Section 10 HULLBODY Sub-section 01 (HULL BODY) WARNING and engine correct leak could lead :If any leak is folund do not start
until the gaskets are compressedInstall drain hose on the fitting and tighten with gear Install rear baffle on body, align
properly rear inlet grill openings and hold in position with light pressureReinstall rear vent hose, exhaust formed hose
and air silencerBefore using the watercraft wait three days for Sikaflex curing time 7,49,Lock Pin and Seat- Adjust front
and rear hooks so that when seat is latched, &A is compressed to insure water-tight fitTo adjust rear hook untighten lock
pin nutsThread in or out lock pin as neededLock pin 13,24, Rear Baffle and Vent Hose Apply Sikaflex primer 449 (P293 530