Bombardier SeaDoo 1993 factory shop manual, Page 249Get this manual

Bombardier SeaDoo 1993 factory shop manual, Page 249

Section 10 HULLBODY Sub-section 01 (HULLBODY) Install seat and verify if seal is compressedRemove seatTorque nuts to (44
F mT 059 1 Front bumper 4Slide bumper rail under front bumper ETN-50 (electric) or T-50 (manual) FOOT 011 142 After cover
installation cut all around the excess of material 5Using 4.80 mrn (3116 in1 drill bit, drill first hole through bumper rail
at front of bow sectionUse locating mark as guideThen install rivetCAUTION :When drilling, be careful not to damage bumper
rail and or hull6Position bumper rail properly onto body and cut excess length if necessary7Slide bumper rail in corner bumper8Using
hole positions previously marked on body, drill holes in bumper rail and install rivets9Install trim using soapy Walter10Repeat