Bombardier SeaDoo 1993 factory shop manual, Page 281Get this manual

Bombardier SeaDoo 1993 factory shop manual, Page 281

Section 12 TECHNICAL DATA Sub-section 04 (EXPLORER 5820 MODEL) PROPULSION Propulsion system Jet pump type Impeller rotation
mrn (.040 in1 Wear limit 0.120.54 mm LO05.021 in) Impeller shaft end play (new) 0.05 mrn (.002 ilnl Impeller shaft side play
17.77stain1iess steel Impeller pitchmaterial ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Do not mix different brands of type or oilJ DIMENSIONS
EXPLORER (5820) 5 396 crn (155.9 in) 206 cm (81.1in) 119 cm (46.8 in) 295 kg (655 Ibl 475 kg (1050 1b) Composite Thermoplastic
Multi-layer wire screen Aluminum Vinyl with polystyrene foam Polvetlhylene Polyethylene Polyurethane foam Neopren, hypallon,
polyester reinforced oassaoer (driver incl of Lenath, overall Width, overall Heiahtoverall Mass Load limit (passengersluggage)