Bombardier SeaDoo 1994 factory shop manual, Page 79Get this manual

Bombardier SeaDoo 1994 factory shop manual, Page 79

Section 03 ENGINE Sub-Section 05 (BOTTOM END) Lay forearm over screwdrivers feel movement Screwdrivers ins rkplug Hand tighten
(NOTcrankshaft)so that needle pointer reads 306' -Remove TDC gauge and install on PTO side-Bring PTO piston at Top Dead CenterInterval
between cylinders must be exactly 180' therefore, needle pointer must indicate on degree wheel I36O0- 180O180'1Any other
reading indlicates misaligned crankshaft Crankshaft Alignment at Connecting Rod Journal Such misalignment may cause crankshaft
hard to be manuallyturnedVerification can be done by rneasulring deflection each end of crankshaftRefer to INSPECTION paragraphIf
deflection is found greater than specified tolerance, this indicaltes worn bearingfs), bent andor disaligned crankshaft GENERAL