Bombardier SeaDoo 1994 factory shop manual, Page 117Get this manual

Bombardier SeaDoo 1994 factory shop manual, Page 117

Section 05 FUEL SYSTEM Sub-section 03 (CARBURETORS) NOTEWhen removing rotary valve cover, pay attention that the rotarv valve
time the outlet valve should hold with pressure ard release under vacuumWARNINGSome fuel may be present in fuel pumpBe careful
not to swallow fuel when under vacuum, WARNINGSolvent with flash point such as gasoline, naphtha, benzol, etc should not
be used as they are flammable and explosiveCAUTIONHeavy duty carburetor cleaner may be harmful the rubber parts, O-ring,
etcTherefore, it is recommended to remove those parts prior to cleaningDiscard 0-nngs, diaphragms and gaskets 28,42, Diaphragm
Pump Diaphragm Leak Test Using suitable pump gauge tester, perform the following test proceeding as follows DISASSEMBLY AND
INSPECTION Inspect partsfor corrosion damage (shaft, butterfly, spring, screw, check valve housing, etc 24,36, Needle Valve
Inspect needle valve tip for grooved conditionIf worn, needle and seat must be replaced as matched set pump gauge tester
295000 083) on pulse nipple tester until reaches 28 kPa (4 PSI; Pump gaiJge 31,33,Low Speed Screw Check tip for grooved conditionReplace