Bombardier SeaDoo 1994 factory shop manual, Page 122Get this manual

Bombardier SeaDoo 1994 factory shop manual, Page 122

Section 05 FUEL SYSTEM Sub-section 03 (CARBURETORS) Fuel Lines and Hose s If fuel line ends are damaged, cut damaged end
butterfly is fully open full throttle positionAt this position throttle lever stopper is almost in contact (0.5 rnm S164
in)! with carburetor body CAUITlONImproper cable full throttle adjustment will cause strain cable andor damage cable bracket
or throttle lever at handlebarTo adjust, loosen jam nut then turn adjustment nut as necessary SINGLE CARB Adjustment nut
Throttle lever stopper Main je? and high-speed screw Throttle valve openings Throttle Cable CAUTIONMake sure engine is turned
off before adjusting throttle cableLubricate cable with SEA-DO0 LUBE lubricant Throttle lever must reach handlebar grip without