Bombardier SeaDoo 1994 factory shop manual, Page 145Get this manual

Bombardier SeaDoo 1994 factory shop manual, Page 145

Section 07 ELECTRICAL Sub-section 03 (BATTERY) HYDROMETER TEST BATTERY STORAGE Disconnect and remove battery from watercratt
allow cleaning solution to enter battery, otherwise it will destroy the electrolyteRinse battery with clear water and dry
well using clean cloth d place Store battery on wooden shelf in Such conditions reduce self-discharging and keep fluid evaporation
to minimumKeep battery away from dew, high moisture and direct sunlight Thds chart will be useful to find the correct reading
ELECTROLYTE TEMPERATURE OPERATION TO PERFORM F During the storage period, recheck electrolyte level and specific gravity
readings at least every monthI necessary, keep The battery at its upper level !me and near full charge as possible (trickle
charge) to the reading ACTIVATION OF NEW BATTERY WARNINGNever charge or boost battery while installed in watercraftA new
battery is factory fresh dry charged For storage purposes, it is fitted with temporary sealing tube CAUTIONDo not remove
the sealing tube or loosen battery caps unless activation is desiredIn case of accidental premature removal of caps or sealing