Bombardier SeaDoo 1994 factory shop manual, Page 172Get this manual

Bombardier SeaDoo 1994 factory shop manual, Page 172

Section 07 ELECTRICAL06 (CD! AND CHARGING SYSTEMS) Variable Tri,m System (VTS) Switche Verification (XP Only) Disconnect
will be connected to Solenoid VTS Switch buzzerStarter swftch VTSswitch position VTS witch position "DOWN ' Motor pcs ?.of
"LP Motor position VTS Control Module Verification (XP Model Only) It receives its current from the battery It is protected
byown 15 fuse Also integrated in the module, relays which trigger when motor is overloaded Voltage test Disconnect motor
wires from the VTS moduleUsing voltmeter, connect positive test probe to BLUEORANGE wireConnect negative test probe to GREENORANGE
wire on switch UP button, the reading should be 1-12 on DOWN button, the reading should be Blueorange different the VTS module
could be are NOTEEnsure VTS switches connections were reversed defective The VTS control module testing must be done with
all wires disconnected from circuitOtherwise testing equipment iohrnmeteri could be damaged CAUTIONWhen disconnecting wires