2001 Yamaha Mountain Max Service Manual, Page 51Get this manual

2001 Yamaha Mountain Max Service Manual, Page 51

CARBURETOR TUNING TUNING CARBURETOR TUNING INSP ADJ The carburetors are set at the factory to run at temperatures of 0C20C
have been tuned or maintained, or after the float chambers are removed for cleaning or jet replacement, be sure to idle the
engine for about three minutes in order to avoid engine trouble CAUTION: Before performing the carburetor tuning, make sure
that the following items are set to specification Engine idle speed Throttle cable free play Carburetor synchronization Starter
cable free play Oil pump cable free play Carburetor tuning data 1Standard specifications Type I.DMark TM33 8CH10 Manufacturer
MIKUNI Main jet (M.J #1:145, #2, 3:143.8 Pilot jet (P.J #45 Pilot screw (P.S 1-12 turns out Float height 11.315.3 mm (0.440.60