2001 Yamaha Mountain Max Service Manual, Page 56Get this manual

2001 Yamaha Mountain Max Service Manual, Page 56

CARBURETOR TUNING Main jet selection chart INSP ADJ Spark plug color Light tan or gray Dry black or fluffy deposits White
Return the starter lever to its seated position so that the starter valve is fully closedstarter or choke Fuel passage is
clogged Check and, if necessary, clean the fuel tank air vent, the fuel filter and all of the fuel passagesor frozen Check
and, if necessary, clean the carburetor air vents, fuel passages and the float valve Clean the float chamber of any ice or
waterOverflow Poor idling: Adjust the fuel levelImproper idling speed Adjust the engine idle speedRefer to "Low speed tuning"
Poor performance at adjustment Replace the pilot screwlow speeds Damaged pilot screw Poor acceleration Clogged bypass hole
Clean the bypass hole Slow response to Clogged or loose pilot jet Remove the pilot jet, clean it with compressed air and
then install itthrottle Engine tends to stall Make sure that the pilot jet is fully tightenedAir leaking into the carbu-
Retighten the clamp screws on the carburetor jointsretor joint Defective starter valve Clean or replace the starter valve