2001 Yamaha Mountain Max Service Manual, Page 97Get this manual

2001 Yamaha Mountain Max Service Manual, Page 97

PRIMARY SHEAVE AND DRIVE V-BELT DISASSEMBLY 1Remove: Fixed sheave Stopper Sliding sheave Bushing Spider 5 SCH4040 Removal
assembly onto the adapter and secure the supporting plates 8 Securely fit the projections on the adapter into the fixed sheave
holesSCH4060 Set the bar wrench onto the spider and turn the special tool clockwise to loosen the spiderClutch spider separator
(bar wrench): 90890-01711, YS-28890-B CAUTION: The spider has left-handed thread Since high torque is required to loosen
the SCH4070 spider, make sure that the spider, fixed sheave and special tool are well securedLoosen the spider carefully