2001 Yamaha Mountain Max Service Manual, Page 202Get this manual

2001 Yamaha Mountain Max Service Manual, Page 202

IGNITION SYSTEM ELEC THROTTLE OVERRIDE SYSTEM (T.O.R.S If the carburetor or throttle cable should malfunction during operation,
the engineBe sure to use the standard resistance-type spark plug and spark plug capOtherwise, T.O.R.Swill not work properlyC
Status Idling or Running Switch starting Throttle OFF ON switch SCH8270 Trouble OFF OFF T.O.R.Soperating Carburetor switch
Engine Running Running SCH8280 Carburetor switch Throttle switch Throttle cable Throttle stop screw ON OFF SCH8290 HANDLEBAR
SWITCH (RIGHT) Engine stop switch and throttle switch 1Disconnect: Handlebar switch (right) coupler 2Connect: Pocket tester