2001 Yamaha Mountain Max Service Manual, Page 275Get this manual

2001 Yamaha Mountain Max Service Manual, Page 275

CABLE ROUTING 1 Oil pump cable Throttle cable Do not fasten the throttle cable and oil pump cable4 Pass only the throttle,
hose with plastic bandD Fasten the wire harness, and the oil tank breather hose behind the steering column, with plastic
bandDo not fasten the parking brake cable and brake hoseE Fasten the wire harness and fuel tank breather hose with plastic
bandBe sure to position the fastener facing downwardF Fuse box (VX700DXVT700) Condenser coupler Ground lead Fuel sender coupler
Oil level switch coupler Fuel tank breather hose Fasten the fuel tank breather hose, rectifierregulator leads, CDI unit leads