2003-2006 Yamaha Snowmobile RX1 Service Manual, Page 54Get this manual

2003-2006 Yamaha Snowmobile RX1 Service Manual, Page 54

MAXIMIZING DRIVE TRACK LIFE INSP ADJ MAXIMIZING DRIVE TRACK LIFE Recommendations Track tension During initial break-in, the
lakes and rivers that have minimal snow coverageAn overheated track will be weakened internally, which may cause failure
or damageOff-trail riding Avoid off-trail riding until there is sufficient snow coverageIt generally takes several feet of
snow to provide good overall base to properly cover debris, such as rocks, logs, etcIf snow coverage is not sufficient, stay
on trails to avoid impact damage to the drive trackStudded track In general, track life will be shortened when studs are
installedDrilling stud holes into the drive track will cut the internal fibers, which weakens the trackAvoid spinning the
drive trackStuds may catch on an object and pull out of the track, leaving tears and damage around the already weakened areaTo
minimize possible damage, consult your stud manufacturer for installation and stud pattern recommendationsYamaha does not