2003-2006 Yamaha Snowmobile RX1 Service Manual, Page 60Get this manual

2003-2006 Yamaha Snowmobile RX1 Service Manual, Page 60

BATTERY INSPECTION EAS00178 INSP ADJ BATTERY INSPECTION WARNING Batteries generate explosive hydrogen gas and contain electrolyte
permanent eye injuryFirst aid in case of bodily contact: External SKIN Wash with waterS EYES Flush with water for 15 minutes
and get immediate medical attentionInternal Drink large quantities of water or milk followed with milk of magnesia, beaten
egg or vegetable oilGet immediate medical attention CAUTION: S This is sealed batteryNever remove the sealing caps because
the balance between cells will not be maintained and battery performance will deteriorateS Charging time, charging amperage
and charging voltage for MF battery are different from those of conventional batteriesThe MF battery should be charged as