2003-2006 Yamaha Snowmobile RX1 Service Manual, Page 309Get this manual

2003-2006 Yamaha Snowmobile RX1 Service Manual, Page 309

TIGHTENING TORQUE POWER TRAIN Parts to be tightened Primary sheave (1st) (2nd) Spider and sliding sheave Primary sheave cap
35 35 52 35 35 52 52 Remarks Tighten the bolt in two stagesSee NOTELeft-hand threadApply LOCTITE Apply LOCTITE Reverse driven
gear Counter gear Spacer set screw Chain housing and brake caliper Bleed screw (brake caliper) Brake hose union bolt (caliper
side) Brake hose union bolt (brake master cylinder side) Bearing set screw (Secondary shaft) (RX10R, RX10RS) (RX10R, RX10RS)
Apply LOCTITE (RX10R, RX10RS) Apply LOCTITE Parking brake Apply LOCTITE Stopper band Hook and front pivot arm Wheel bracket
and sliding frame Bracket bolt (front) Bracket bolt (rear) Front pivot arm and front pivot arm bracket Front pivot arm bracket
and sliding frame Suspension wheel Rear axle Slide rail suspension mounting bolt (M10) Rear pivot arm and bracket Shock absorber
and rear pivot arm Rear pivot arm and rod Rear suspension bracket and rod Shock absorber and rear suspension bracket Control