2006-2008 Yamaha Snowmobiles Apex/Attak Factory Service Manual, Page 406Get this manual

2006-2008 Yamaha Snowmobiles Apex/Attak Factory Service Manual, Page 406

FUEL INJECTION SYSTEM Fault code No14 Symptom Intake air pressure sensor hose system malfunction (clogged or detached hose)Used
detectedUsed diagnostic code No01 (throttle position sensor) Order Inspection operation item and probable Operation item
and countermeasure cause Installed condition of throttle position Check the installed area for looseness or pinchingsensorCheck
that it is installed in the specified positionRefer to "THROTTLE BODIES" section2 Connected condition of connector If there
is malfunction, repair it and connect it Inspect the coupler for any pins that securelymay have pulled outThrottle position
sensor coupler Check the locking condition of the Main wiring harness ECU coupler couplerSub-wire harness coupler Open or
short circuit in wiring harness Repair or replace if there is an open or short circuitandor sub leadBetween sensor coupler
and ECU coupler BlackBlue BlackBlue Yellow Yellow Blue Blue Throttle position sensor lead wire open Check for open circuit
and replace the throttle posicircuit output voltage checktion sensorBlackBlue Yellow Open circuit item Output voltage Ground