2007 Yamaha Apex Factory Service Manual, Page 336Get this manual

2007 Yamaha Apex Factory Service Manual, Page 336

SPECIAL TOOLS GEN INFO SPECIAL TOOLS Some special tools are necessary for completely accurate tune-up and assemblyUsing the
relay arms in place while adjusting the steering linkage for front-end alignmentFOR ENGINE SERVICE Engine mount spacer wrench
PN: YS-01489 (for U.S.ACanada) 90890-01489 (for Europe) Used to turn the engine mounting bolts when removinginstalling engineFOR
POWER TRAIN SERVICE Secondaryshaft SlideHolder PN: YS-01492 (for U.S.ACanada) 90890-01492 (for Europe) Remove and install
secondaryshaft bearing tapered collarAlso used to hold the secondaryshaft when used with the drive gear socket (YS-0149090890-01490)S
Drive gear socket PN: YS-01490 (for U.S.ACanada) 90890-01490 (for Europe) Remove and install chaincase drive sprocket nut