2007 Yamaha Apex Factory Service Manual, Page 415Get this manual

2007 Yamaha Apex Factory Service Manual, Page 415

FOREWORD This Supplementary Service Manual has been prepared to introduce new service and new data for the RX10K, RX10RK,
procedures easier or clearerMANUAL FORMAT All of the procedures in this manual are organized in sequential, step-by-step
formatThe information has been compiled to provide the mechanic with an easy to read, handy reference that contains comprehensive
explanations of all inspection, repair, assembly, and disassembly operationsIn this revised format, the condition of faulty
component will precede an arrow symbol and the course of action required to correct the problem will follow the symbol, e.g
Bearings PittingdamageReplaceEXPLODED DIAGRAM Each chapter provides exploded diagrams before each disassembly section to
facilitate correct disassembly and assembly procedures This manual was written by the Yamaha Motor Company primarily for
use by Yamaha dealers and their qualified mechanicsIt is not possible to put an entire mechanic's education into one manual,
so it is assumed that persons using this book to perform maintenance and repairs on Yamaha snowmobiles have basic understanding