2007 Yamaha Apex Factory Service Manual, Page 610Get this manual

2007 Yamaha Apex Factory Service Manual, Page 610

FUEL INJECTION SYSTEM Fault code No42 Symptom No normal signals are received from the speed sensorUsed diagnostic code No07
Blue White White BlackBlue BlackBlue A3 Defective speed sensor Execute the diagnostic mode (Code No.07)Replace if defective1Measure
the speed sensor output voltage2Connect the pocket tester (DC 20 V) to the speed sensor coupler terminal as shownTester positive
probe Tester negative probe pink blackwhite Reinstatement method Reinstated by starting the engine, and inputting the vehicle
speed signals by operating the snowmobile at low speed of 20 to 30 kmh 3Measure the speed sensor output voltageSpeed sensor
output voltage When sensor is on DC 4.8 or more When sensor is off DC 0.6 or less 4Is the speed sensor OK? Replace if defectiveRefer