2008 Yamaha Snowmobiles FX NYTRO Factory Service Manual, Page 281Get this manual

2008 Yamaha Snowmobiles FX NYTRO Factory Service Manual, Page 281

FUEL INJECTION SYSTEM TROUBLESHOOTING CHART Engine operation is not normal or the warning light and self-diagnostic warning
table" Identify the probable cause of the malfunction(Refer to "Fault code table" Check and repair the probable cause of
the malfunctionFault code NoCheck and repair(Refer to "TROUBLESHOOTING DETAILS" Monitor the operation of the sensors and
actuators in the diagnostic mode(Refer to "Diagnostic mode table" No fault code NoCheck and repair Engine malfunction Defective
sensor or actuator Check and repair the inner parts of the engine(Refer to CHAPTER OK Check and repair the corresponding
sensor or actuatorNG OK Perform the fuel injection system reinstatement action(Refer to "Reinstatement method" in "TROUBLESHOOTING
DETAILS" Check the engine condition Turn the main switch off, turn the main switch back on, and then check if the fault code
number is still displayed Fault code number displayed Fault code number not displayed Repairs completed Erasing the malfunction
history: The malfunction history is stored even if the main switch is turned offThe malfunction history must be erased in