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Chrysler V-8 Marine Engines manual., Page 9

ustion engines wit11 offset valve arra ressure lubricated and liquid cooled he new Man T cylinder block is made of high strength
ith precision ntrolled within close limits cight distribu T valves of high strengtli alloy steelBoth inlet and valves have
special valve springs to resist corrosion and fatigueT camsha is driven by silent chain and constructed of high strength
cast iron oil and is pressure lubricatedThe adjustable engine mounts are standard equipment and more precise insttillation
or realicntnentAll M318 Model Chrysler Mari engines use regular grade automotive type gasolineODELS M-383, M-413 AND M-426
Tiic new Chrysler Marine Engines Models M-383, M-413 and M-420, shown in Figures 7, and are 90"V-type overhead valves, eight