Chrysler V-8 Marine Engines manual., Page 16Get this manual

Chrysler V-8 Marine Engines manual., Page 16

setting for the reverse forward operationT reverse gear oil is separate from the engine oilThe oil is directed from the reverse
which permits single connection connection is part of this elbow wliich will installationIf the water pump inlet is to be
above the ail be nttachtxl lwtwprn the pump inlet and the nnt-ctions ill br tx;low the water line"T water water pump supplies
water to the hydraulicthy reverse gear oil cooler, both exhaust manifolds and linesT overbozird water provides very cool
The water (rum the other section of the water pump pusses through the engtne right cylin e: block,tcylinder head, the left
cylinder block, the Ipft cylindr-r headt intake manifold and the tliermostnt housing in that tat housingthe water flows either
through tin; bypass rderFrom the ther Fig22) or pitthe thermostat and uvtrboatd depending on the engine A choke affected
by the thermostat is ernperatwe will vary ximately 125" to Fat full throttleT control system rate with exhaust back piessure