Chrysler V-8 Marine Engines manual., Page 24Get this manual

Chrysler V-8 Marine Engines manual., Page 24

very 100 ntilotion valve and cap assembly from tlic rocker coverIf the valve is not lugged, hissing noise will be heard as
unit is satisfactory and no further service is necessaryIf tit valve docs not click when shaken or if the paper is not sucked
against the fill pipe, the valve shoutd be riplat-ed.Do not attempt to clean the valve stalled, it will be necessa clean
the hose and the passages in the lower nings to dislodp solid particlesBlow clean with Ie the carburetor for servicehs mine
Sh" drill i mpressed airI not necessary to d etering jet, metering port, idle port, idle mixture adjustment and throttle
t system maint prevent as little fuel iT fuel level ntion as possible and to aid in warm engine startingThe bowl is vented