Chrysler V-8 Marine Engines manual., Page 50Get this manual

Chrysler V-8 Marine Engines manual., Page 50

distributor cap tower that the 1als are fully seated and that the nipples fit tightly on the cap towers and round the cablesReplace
Part Number cam onlyDo not over-lubricateKeep oil and grease away tact gap should be ,014 to ,019 inch, chcc ouncesSee "Adjustments
over-rich carburetor adjustmentwine cylinders due to worn rings worn valve guidesImproper gap adjustment- Clran and dry plugs
and set gap at .035 inch Ignition Coil Fa cgulator set tin too highre pecificntions and make necessary adjustmentsCoil damaged
by excessive heat from engineReplace coil and inspect condition of distributor pointsCoil case or lace coilCoil tower mity