Chrysler V-8 Marine Engines manual., Page 54Get this manual

Chrysler V-8 Marine Engines manual., Page 54

illustrate t-ofuse timeAny recommendation must be tempered with the judgments of m has safety valve which permits some oil
construction the hull prohibits the use of this plastic hose of ' inch diameter can be inserted inthe hose can be guided
and twisted in the direction of ion of the panUse the dip stick tube only when it is impossible to reach other openings'
c oil filter from the base and discard (Fig42)Wipe th on new filter until the gasket on the filtfr contacts the baseTighten
least '2 turn moreRun engine check for leaksAdd oil to full mark on the dip stick (Kip41)LAME ARRESTER (Every 100 Hours!
the carburetor air and remove the flame arresterWash in dry cleaning solvent and dry thor oughly before installingore the